Highly COVID-19 qPCR Results

Highly Accurate & Rapid COVID-19 qPCR Results in your Urgent Care Facility*

in your Urgent Care Facility*

* Currently in development. For Research Use Only. Not available for sale.


Confidence in results using the latest breakthrough in molecular testing technology

Reference lab quality results using gold standard real time RT-PCR technology to provide the highest accuracy for COVID-19 testing.

Development goal of ≥ 95% agreement with an EUA approved laboratory assay.

"Accuracy is number one.
We need to know the results are accurate when we send the patient back into the world."

Urgent Care Physician


Rapid turnaround time fits the workflow of Urgent Care Clinics, quickly freeing up treatment rooms for other patients and eliminating need for return visits

Sample to answer result in 25 MINUTES while the patient waits, allowing
for appropriate and timely patient treatment.


Kryptos Testing for Covid-19 Step 1

1 Fill pipette from
specimen tube
(Nasal swab specimen collected in UTM)

Kryptos Testing for Covid-19 Step 2

2 Dispense specimen
into the cartridge

Kryptos Testing for Covid-19 Step 3

3 Load cartridge
onto instrument

Testing for Covid-19 Results in under 25 min



Grow your business
while offering the best patient care.


Cost effective COVID testing solution that allows Urgent Care Centers to generate a new revenue stream while offering more convenient and accurate testing services.

Better Patient Care testing for COVID-19

Turn your in-house laboratory into a profit center, increasing your COVID-19 testing revenue as much as 2x-3x by offering molecular testing to your patients.

Faster, more actionable results than sending COVID-19 tests to an outside laboratory
More accurate and profitable than in house rapid antigen testing
Non-Laboratory Health Care Professional workflow (CLIA Waiver intended)

Flexible platform
with additional testing capabilities


The Kryptos system can be easily expanded to add more diagnostic tests that will be developed with the same accuracy, workflow and economic benefits that are critical to your Urgent Care Practice. A multiple bay, random access instrument platform is also in development.

Kryptos Pipeline of Diagnostic Tests:

 Respiratory Panel: COVID-19, Flu A/B, RSV

 STD Panel: C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae

 Group A Streptococcus


Kryptos is actively recruiting early testing sites for their COVID-19 product. Please use the form if you would be interested in participating in these studies or to receive more information about the product.

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